Pixelmon Minecraft Server

Hello Trainers

Tonight (around midnight EST) all of our servers will be going down for some work to be done on the backend of the servers. We are going to be moving some things around on our end, this will not effect any player files or progress and will simply allow us to better maintain all the servers.

This process may take a few hours so I can not give any estimated time of completion and when the servers will be back online. This post will be updated when servers are put back online along with a alert on the discord and twitter, so be sure to follow and look to those platforms as well for updates.

Hello Pokemon Trainers!

So it's been a bit since we've had any major updates across the servers, but don't worry cause as some of you may know we have been working on a lot of new content and just been getting it all together and finishing it up. We're not done with it all just yet but we're so close and ready to start showing you some of it and letting you know what to get ready for!

First up lets talk about the Old Era servers and that mystical safari server. For a long time now we've been trying to fix up the server and make it work the way we wanted it to by allowing you to load your files into another server that was shared between all 3 servers, but sadly with loading and saving issues not being able to be fixed reliably... we're calling it and have now simply added Generation 2 into the Old Era servers. Due to the amount of time it's taken for this to be done and you guys having to wait on us, I've also gone ahead and enabled Gen 3 as well as a extra bonus.

Next lets talk about the Island servers. We've got a lot of ideas we've had for new content to come onto these servers, and I'm going to take some time to go over each one here.

The Wheel of Destiny

You will find this on a new island as part of a new side quest. Once you've finished the quest and made your way to the Fortune Island where the wheel is located, you'll be able to purchase Amethyst which will be the currency needed to spin the Wheel of Destiny. You will be able to spin the wheel once every 2 hours, and the prizes are well worth it. You could win some Ultra Balls or even a Master ball! You could win some evolution stones or even a lucky block. You could even win the biggest prize on the wheel, the Destiny knot! Once on the server be sure to pick up the quests, it starts right outside Blushido.

The Battle Tower

Hello Pokemon Trainers!

If you've not heard about them yet, we've now released our 2nd and 3rd Island servers for people to join! Each one can hold up to 175 players each. As we add new content and more onto the main story, after a few days that same content will be put on Island 2 and 3.

So if you've been begging to get on to the server but can't cause it's contently full, now is your chance to head over to these extra servers and start up your own Island Adventure!

We've also made it possible now for players on the Island servers to be able to use their Lucky Blocks. When you hold your block, simply use the command /openblock and it will open it for you. It's just that simple. These lucky blocks on island also will now also include ALL POKEMON that are in the mod. Due to this increase possible Pokemon that you can get out of these blocks, we've adjusted and lowered the price of the lucky blocks on our store (this is for the Island servers only). You can check it out HERE!!

Oh, but we're not done yet! Cause with all this good news, we're also putting on a sale across all servers for all Lucky Blocks! That's right, we'll be doing a 40% off sale for the next 7 days for any and all Lucky bocks so be sure to take advantage if you can of these saving and grab yourself some fun Lucky Blocks, who knows what you'll get out of them.

Now for a quick thank you to everyone here, the support and feedback that we get from all of you is amazing so thank you, we'll see you on the server.

Hello Pokemon Trainers!

Update: The server is now open

As quick update for the time being, the Pixelmon Island server is going to be put down due to the mass amounts of trainers missing across the server. The staff team is going to be working on this non-stop to have the server be put back out to you guys ASAP. I hope you all understand and are patient with us, and Pixelmon Island will be coming back online soon! There will be an update to this post once the server is back up and running.

~ PokeLB Staff Team
Hello Pokemon Trainers,

We've been very busy these last few weeks with the introduction of the Pixelmon Island Adventure server, and it's still growing with more and more content every day.So thank you everyone for your feedback on the server and for your support.

Before I get into the new bits, I do want to take a moment to address the comments and concerns people have been having in regards to their Lucky Blocks on the Island server. We hear you! The problem is that there is no current way to allow you in adventure mode to break blocks. Currently we are working to add in a command that will allow you to claim your lucky block and thus work the same way it would if you were to break it. Once that is done the Island server will fully have lucky blocks on it!

Now for the good bits. On all servers I have just put on the Wonder Trade plugin! What this means is that on the server there is a pool of about 100 random Pixelmon that you can trade with the server for (you might even get some shiny or legendary ones out of it). All you need to do to use it is use the command /wt (Slot #), and then confirm the trade with a prompt in chat. For example, if I had a Charizard in my 4th slot I wanted to wonder trade, I would simply do /wt 4 then /wt 4 confirm This will the trade out your Pixelmon with one random Pixelmon from within the pool.

We would also like to inform everyone about a cool new Minecraft server and website hosting site that Jerome and the rest of the Nice Posture crew have started up. You can find it here at niceservers.com. If you've ever wanted to start up your own server to play on with your friends or more, this site will help you do it, as well as help you in setting up any mods you wish to have on them as well. So check it out, you can even use the special code "Beta" for a awesome discount!

As always, we...
Hello Pixelmon Trainers!

Our new Pixelmon Island Adventure server is now OPEN!!

We hope you are as excited for this as we are because there are some huge plans for this server that you can expect to see. On here you will find a huge map to adventure on and collect all the pokemon, you'll find npc gym leaders to battle, and even quests to take in with a main story and tons of side quests as well.

Here is a quick look at the overview of the map where you will start on island A and then explore your way around the server.

Quests will be added periodically on the server, so you won't be able to just slam through it all, this way we'll be able to contently add in more and more things for everyone to do!

Feel free to also have a look at our server store for Ranks, just click here.

We hope you enjoy the server, let us know any feedback you have for us on the server.

Hello Pokemon Trainers!

I know a lot of you have been wondering and waiting on what's been going on with Old Era 3. Sadly, I can't tell you cause we're not 100% sure ourselves. All I can tell you is that it's brought up each and every day as a reminder to everyone that can do something to keep looking at it and try and figure it out. Once we know more and are able to fully fix the server we'll be able to open it back up to everyone again.

As for what's going on with the safari zone and gen 2. There is just a few more bugs we're looking into that is causing some players to un-sync from their pokemon files and cause them to not load it properly, thus looking like they've lost their entire team. This is why it's still in beta as we don't want this to keep happening to a much larger group of players to cause more issues.

Lastly, this weekend don't forget to check out our server store as we've got a nice little 40% off sale going on for this holiday weekend. That's right, 40% off the entire store and it won't end till the end of Monday Oct 10th EST. So take advantage of the savings now while you can!

Hello Pokemon Trainers!

As we're still working on a few bugs on the server to properly load all pokemon data and such, we've decided to extend the beta until these issues are resolved. Once we are confident that no one when joining the server will lose any progress or pokemon data, we will then be opening it up to everyone.

We're very sorry for any incontinence this may have for people, we just want to make sure that it can and will run as smoothly as possible for everyone.

We will let everyone know a more clear estimated time and date that it will come off of beta once we have one.

Hello Pokemon Trainers!

If you have recently lost Pokemon from the server reboots/crashes, then please make a bug report WITH PROOF! If you do not have proof, then there is not much we can do about this issue, as people could just fake it, and want a Pokemon for free. (Who wants a server that gives out free Pokemon? Not me..) We know that you have lost your Pokemon, but for the time being, as we figure out how this bug is happening, we will have to continue this way.

Note: It can be screenshot/video proof of the Pokemon, as long as it's clear that it's from our server.

You can post your reports here.

Just a suggestion from me. If you haven't lost it yet, i suggest taking a screenshot of your team/PC boxes, so in case of this happening, you are already prepared.

Hello Pokemon Trainers!

Firstly I would like to point out that, yes we are aware that people that have joined the safari server have come across issues where when they join back they don't have their Pokemon any more. DO NOT WORRY!! Your files and Pokemon are all still there.

If you are one of these people, please make a bug report with your IGN, and the server that you joined from. This will allow us to go through one by one and see why the server ins't reading your files correctly.

We do please ask that you give us some time to go through this and narrow down the problem. Know that we are working to get everything back and as I said before that nothing is lost, we have all the files to be able to return all of your Pokemon.